Sunday, August 24, 2008

Need GPS POI feature without GPS on iPhone ? Check out iWant

Having recently visited South Lake Tahoe without a GPS on my van, I realized that my year old iPhone had a lot of capabilities that I could use for GPS like features. Apart from Google maps and its driving directions feature - combined with its ability to use my approximate current location, which was incredibly useful - we used Google search app for nearby POIs.

That did the job pretty well but nothing beats an app that can provide a consolidated experience with respect to things like location of restaurants, movies and theaters, inns and hotels, hospitals, etc. Browsing through the iphone apps catalog, I found this incredibly easy to use and excellently rendered app call "iWant" which provides all of these through one app. What's more, it is FREE! :)

Here's screenshot ( I do hope the software makers add some color to their current black and white rendering but that's just syntactic sugar) :

Clicking on the right hand bottom location button on the screen takes you to a map where your current approximate location is pointed. You can change the approximate location more closely. Here's a screenshot of the same :

Once you are done that you can also play with the settings in terms of distance or rating based on which you would like the app to consider when offering results particularly for restaurants.

Here are some screenshots of nearby hotels, and movies.



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